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PHOTO GALLERY - (Aschaffenburg USAREUR)                  Dedicated to ALL THE Veterans  During THE COLD WAR                  - in - Germany,                   - Ashaffenburg,                  - Graves-Kaserne,                - Ready-Kaserne,                - Fiori-Kaserne,                - Smith-Kaserne,                - Jaeger-Kaserne,                - CSC 4 64 Armor 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division




Aschaffenburg is located on 
the Main River about 50 kilometers 
southeast of
Frankfurt am Main. 
Community Commander for
Aschaffenburg was the 
Commander of
3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division.

Aschaffenburg was activated on June 27, 1974. 

In May 1988, HHD was reorganized as Headquarters and Headquarters Company as a result of the Standard Installation Reorganization. HHC is located in Building 20, Jaeger Kaserne.

Geographic Locations identified as part of Aschaffenburg 
MILCOM in USAREUR Reg 10-20, 14 Dec 1978:


The list of remote sites associated with 
Aschaffenburg MILCOM in the 1978 Reg was incomplete.   
At least
one missing site: Schwanheim local training area. 

There were probably others Additional information
and details would be appreciated

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Aschaffenburg MILCOM insignia



Aschaffenburg installations:


Jaeger Kaserne; Fiori Barracks; Graves Barracks; Ready Barracks, Smith Barracks; Taylor Barracks; Aschaffenburg AAF (= Nilkheim AAF?) 

radio station (European Wideband) 

Marktheidenfeld  Moenchberg Oberberg Sachenbach 

communications facility
Pre-stock storage point (ammo)


Aschaffenburg military community was redesignated as Aschaffenburg Base Support Battalion (Provisional) and assigned to the newly activated 98th Area Support Group under the US Army Europe Community Command Plan. The Aschaffenburg Base Support Battalion (Provisional) was disbanded on 30 October 1992. 

(Source: The Aschaffenburg Forum, July 31, 1992) Aschaffenhurg MILCOM goes down in history by Dana S. Ray

At the end of World War II, military installations in Aschaffenburg were occupied by American forces, with the exception of Fiori Barracks, Jaeger Kaserne and the Special Services Depot. The once-German military kasemes were converted for use by U.S. military personnel, initially as processing centers for displaced persons at the end of the war. (Webmaster note: I think the author was trying to say that only Jaeger, Fiori and the Depot were utilized by American troops in the first years of the Occupation.)

The American presence in the Aschaffenburg military community began after the general renovations in 1948.




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There were six camps in Aschaffenburg

Alte (old) Kaserne (opened in 1805) 
on Goldbacher Strasse at corner of Weissenburger Strasse.

Jäger-Kaserne (1894-96) 
on Würtzburger Strasse.

Pionier later renamed Fiori-Kaserne (opened 1936) 
on Schweinheimer Strasse.

Lagarde (opened 1936-7) later renamed Smith-Kaserne 
on Würtzburger Strasse.

Bois (forest)-Brullee (opened 1937) later renamed Graves-Kaserne 
on Würtzburger Strasse.

Artilerie (opened 1938) later renamed Ready-Kaserne 
on Würtzburger Strasse.


In 1949 Jaeger Kaserne housed the 18th Infantry Regiment Headquarters Company, Medical Company and Signal Platoon. 

The unit was replaced in 1955 by the 87th Infantry Medics and Headquarters Company. However, after the reorganization of the 87th Inf Reg in 1957, all 87th troops vacated the kaserne. 

The 557th Ordnance Company (Displaced Persons) (sic) were housed on Jaeger from 1949 until 1957. Bachelor Officers Quarters have been in Building 16 since 1948.  Jaeger Kaseme has remained the military community headquarters since 1949 for USAREUR units stationed here.  

Today Jaeger Kaserne is occupied by the 3rd Platoon, 3rd Military Police Company; 4th Platoon, 212th Military Police Company; 3rd Finance Support Unit; 92nd Medical Detachment (Dental); 40th AG Postal Detachment and 178th Personnel Service Company.   

It is also the site for the Shoppette, Sight and Sound, Main Exchange, Jaeger Movie Theater, Jaeger Library, Four Seasons and the Stars and Stripes bookstore.

At the end of the war, Fiori Barracks, or Pionier Kaseme, served as the Headquarters of United Rehabilitation and Relief Team 610 and also housed displaced persons. 

It was occupied by USAREUR units in 1949 which included the 1st Infantry Division, 18th Infantry and complete 2nd and 3rd Battalion. In 1955, the 10th Division, 87th Infantry, moved onto Fiori Barracks. 

Elements of the 87th Inf moved off the kaseme in 1957 when it became the home of the 1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion; Company A, 899th Tank Battalion; 557th Ordnance Company and the 3rd Medical Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division.  

The kaserne today is occupied by the 4th Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment. 3rd Battalion, 12th Field Artillery, which recently occupied Fiori as well, inactivated Oct. 15, 1991. The 557th Maintenance Company, which was located on Fiori, was restationed to Fort Irwin, Calif, Nov. 15,1991, as part of the Enhanced CONUS-based Contingency Capability. 26th Support Battalion filled the gap by moving off Ready and Graves Kasemes and onto Fiori in late 1991.
From 1945 until 1948, Smith Barracks was unoccupied. Then in 1949, the first U.S. troops to live on Smith were soldiers from Headquarters and 3rd Battalion of the 18th Infantry Regiment. 

This unit stayed on Smith until 1955 when the 87th Infantry Regiment occupied the kaseme through 1957. Known to the Germans as Lagarde Kaseme, Smith Barracks was occupied in 1958 by the 9th Engineer Battalion.
Known to the Germans as Bois-Brule Kaseme, Graves Barracks was first occupied by U.S. troops in the summer of 1949. 

Elements of the U.S. Army, 10th Division, 18th Infantry, 1st Battalion were stationed on the kaserne from 1949 until 1955. In 1955, the kaseme was occupied by the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, until 1958. In 1958, Graves Barracks was designated as a 3rd Infantry Division kaseme.  

Today Graves is occupied by the 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry, as well as 9th General Dispensary and Staff Judge Advocate.
After the renovations of the kaseme in 1948, Ready Barracks or Artillery Kaseme was occupied by the 32nd Field Artillery Battalion but was replaced by the 40th Field Artillery Battalion in 1955. 

Afterward the 7th Transportation Truck Company moved to the kaseme in 1954. In 1957, after the reorganization of the 10th Division, the kaserne housed the 87th Infantry, 1st Battle Group.

Today the kaserne is occupied by the 4th Battalion, 66th Armor, as well as the Headquarters, 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (formerly 3rd Brigade); 252nd Signal Company and the Branch Movement Control Team, more commonly known as BMCT, of the 502nd Branch Movement Control Center in Wiesbaden.

Taylor Barracks sports several names whether it be the first American name of the Special Services Depot, or Heeresverpflegungsamt. The depot has served as a supply depot throughout the German and U.S. occupation. Formerly a German Army Class I supply point, the depot was initially used in 1948 as a U.S. Army Exchange Service, fore-runner of Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Supply Depot. Later the Depot, or Taylor Barracks, housed the Post Quartermaster Class I, Class III and Household Furniture Supply Points.


There were six camps in Aschaffenburg:

    Alte (old) Kaserne (opened in 1805) on Goldbacher Strasse at corner of Weissenburger Strasse.
    Jäger-Kaserne (1894-96) on Würtzburger Strasse.
    Pionier later renamed Fiori-Kaserne (opened 1936) on Schweinheimer Strasse.
    Lagarde (opened 1936-7) later renamed Smith-Kaserne on Würtzburger Strasse.
    Bois (forest)-Brullee (opened 1937) later renamed Graves-Kaserne on Würtzburger Strasse.
    Artilerie (opened 1938) later renamed Ready-Kaserne on Würtzburger Strasse.

City archives:

    Stadt - und Stiftsarchiv Aschaffenburg
    Schönborner Hof, Wermbachstrasse 15
    63739 Aschaffenburg

    There are research fees involved for this information gathering, so ask your questions carefully. 
    As of 2006, Matthias Kloz is the Archivamtsinspektor, and he speaks English. 
    His e-mail is: matthias.klotz@aschaffenburg.de


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Webcam Aschaffenburg

Zeitraffer Webcam Aschaffenburg 
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Aschaffenburger Volksfest


Volksfest Aschaffenburg 
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Beachparty Aschaffenburg Main 06.04.2007



Beachparty Aschaffenburg Main 09.04.07

Das Hotel Wilder Mann und die Peter Communication Systems 
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The Hotel Wilder Mann and Peter Communication Systems 
GmbH to operate a webcam above the rooftops of Aschaffenburg. 


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